Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer Projects

I did say I would post a blog or two before the school term started but clearly it was not meant to be. Just wanted to share with you a few crafting projects I have enjoyed doing lately (well one has become a slight addiction).

Below is a neck piece I made as a 'Thank You' present for one of the teachers I worked alongside during my first year of teaching. I chose a range of purple fabrics and pinned them randomly together before running it up on the sewing machine. I always get quite nervous when giving someone one of my handmade gifts, but thankfully she was chuffed with it :-)

 This is the Autumn themed neck piece I made myself a few years ago. It was originally a fabric necklace I had made (didn't quite like it) so I added a few more Suffolk puffs and turned it into a neck piece.

From this... this

 Now for my addiction (not serious enough for rehab - YET). Over the summer my eBay account took a hit buying lots (and lots) of lucky star strips from China. I am a newbie to origami so I thought lucky stars would break me into the world of paper folding gently. I have loved folding the little bits of paper to create these cute little stars.

You can see I've got a another little bit to go filling up the vase. I'll get there soon...


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