Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Any big event that is celebrated, from Royal Weddings to American Independence Day I love to use it as an excuse to be creative.

My little town Banbury was covered in Red, White and Blue and it inspired me to make the following little crafty bits and bobs for the Diamond Jubilee...

I was so chuffed with my Victoria Sponge cake. Loved doing the Union Flag icing - and added some little Jubilee flags from 'My Cake Decorating' magazine (highly recommend it).

I picked up some fabric for a bargain. I turned it into yo-yo brooches and finished them off with burnt organza.

I taught my Year 2's a Jubilee song for there Class Assembly just before we broke up for half term, thought I'd leave you with part of the verse...

And still her star is shining
And like her Jubilee
Our Queen's a real diamond
So here's to you your majesty!

Roll on London 2012!