Tuesday, 28 August 2012

One (wo)man's Trash is another (wo)man's Treasure

My good friend Claire came to visit me in Banbury today for a 'Charity Shop Marathon'. What I have learnt from today's experience is 'you should never venture into Charity shops with Claire!' My poor bank card is on the brink on of a mental breakdown - it's very worrying!

Joking aside, I am delighted with my finds today (Thank-you C x). I've always been very supportive of charity shops. It was only yesterday I delivered bags of neglected clothes of mine into a few charity shops in Banbury (and before you say it - I was not buying them back today). After a lengthy time rummaging through the rails I found and bought a cute cherry print dress, a nice fitted t-shirt and my favourite purchase has to be this unbelievably cute polka dot cardy - for £4.99!

This I will definitely being wearing to school next week!

I am hoping to get a few more blogs up before school starts back. I have managed to squeeze in a few craft projects over the summer that I would like to share with you so watch this space.

I will leave you with this photograph (meant to upload it ages ago). Clearly I think I'm a professional photographer with the use of Istagram (I wish) - but I love this photo with the filter I used...

Lots of Love


  1. I cannot be held responsible for your spending..but welcome to the world of charity shopping it is TOTALLY addictive! Always up for a rematch soon xxx

  2. Haha...I'll be saving my pennies for Hallowe'en half term :-)