Sunday, 27 February 2011

I've just been sew busy!

I have been busy this past month with teaching and 'Amy Cooke Designs', so I have not had the pleasure of blogging. I have a few new pictures below to show you what has been happening at 'Amy Cooke Designs. I hope you enjoy browsing...

The skirt made at the Dressmaking class I attended. I also made a fleecy lined scarf to go along with in using a slightly contrasting fabric.

I couldn't resist making myself something from the fabulous newspaper print fabric I bought. I made a cute bow style neck warmer, and with the weather currently in Oxford, I definitely get good use out of it before Spring.

The first of my dresses from 'Amy Cooke Designs Wedding Service' - check out my facebook page for more photos.

Keep checking for lots of new and exciting designs
Amy Cooke Designs

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Branching out to Weddings

Amy Cooke Designs is now expanding into the Wedding Industry. Wedding products available from 'Amy Cooke Designs' are as follows:

Bridal Party Bags
Alternative Brooch style Button Holes
Girls Brooch Favours
Wedding Dresses (Bride & Bridesmaid)

Please check out my Facebook Wedding page 'Amy Cooke Designs Wedding Service'

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Valentine Gift Bag Tutorial

Well this is my first tutorial on my blog. I hope the pictures and instructions are easy enough to follow and if you do have any problems let me know.

What's needed:
I used 2 fat quarters measuring 22'' x 20'' (there was quite a bit left over).
4 main pieces (7''x9'')
4 sides (3 and 3/4''x9'')
2 bottoms (3 and 3/4''x7'')
2 handles (2''x14'')

Lightweight interfacing for each piece cut.

All your normal sewing equipment and sewing machine.

Steps to Follow:

All the pieces when cut - on the wrong side of each piece iron on interfacing.

1. Fold handles in half and press with an iron. Open out and fold one half to the middle crease and then other half. When both sides have been creased to the middle fold in half. to look like this...

2. Now the sewing machine part begins. Firstly sew the open ends of your handles together.

3. Place 1 bottom place onto main place (see picture below, right side to right side) and sew along the longest part.

Open up the 2 pieces to look like this...

Now place another main piece to the unsewn end of the bottom to look like this... sew along the longest part like before and it should look like this when opened up...

4. Now place on of the sides along the main so it looks like below (sew up the long side to join the 2 pieces).

Now fold the shorter part of the side to the shorter part of the bottom and sew the 2 pieces together.

Now sew the remaining long side piece to the long side of the main. Repeat the steps to attach the other side piece. You should now have part of the bag that looks like this...

Repeat steps 3 & 4 so you have two pieces that look like this...

5. Turn one of the pieces so it is right side out...

6. Attach the handles to the piece turned right side out on both of the main sides. The handles should be approx. 1 and 1/2'' in from the sems.

7. Place the piece you have just sewn the handles onto inside the other piece (the patterned pieces should be facing each other.

With pins, carefully match up all the sems and the pin the pieces together to sew.

8. Remember when sewing round the top of the bag, you will need to leave a gap (approx. 1 and 1/2'') to turn the bag right side out.

9. Now turn the bag right side out through the gap left, it should look like this...

10. Sew closed the gap in which you turned the bag out. Once you have sewn the gap, push the inner bag into the outer as follows...

Once you have done this push the inner edges to match up with the outer, be careful not to push to hard.

You should now have a cute little Valentine bag to fill with goodies for 14th February.

Hope this is easy enough to follow :-)

Amy Cooke Designs xo